jamskool 2011



Improvisation (or jam) classes are to become a regular part of bandskool in the near future. The good news is that these classes will be open to anyone aged 12 years and over! These classes will provide an opportunity for musicians at all levels to develop their improvisational abilities as lead and support players.




Bandskool is currently devising a course structure to last ten sessions (a term) aimed at beginners through to advanced. All classes will take place on Saturdays. The intention is to use Jazz, Rock/Metal and Blues as the basis for improvisation whilst finding opportunities to take a progressive approach by exploring everything in between. This will be supported by Music Theory classes run one evening per week to ensure that all improvisation students have the theoretical foundation upon which to develop their improvisational skills.

Each term will end with a SKOOLJAM where students will have the chance to showcase their development. Watch this space for the course details or contact bandskool.


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