Popular Music Theory classes:2011


bandskool will soon be running two new ventures: evening classes in Pop Music Theory and group improvisation classes on Saturdays (jamskool). The evening classes will be open to all ages from secondary school age and upwards. The aim is to equip musicians with the knowledge they need to improvise within the popular music sector. The theory classes will compliment the classes we run on Saturday daytimes; and will mean that Saturday classes can concentrate on the practical side. The syllabus comes from the London College of Music with a bit more added on. 


* For more details about the music theory courses, please click here


Proposed venue for evening classes 2011:

   Grafton House

     17 Grafton Street


    WA14 1DU

Please register your interest in these classes by filling in an application form and adding your email address to the mailing list.


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