Trombone for free!


Do you have what it takes to be a Trombone player in the Dumfries and Galloway community big band? Would you like to find out? These are the questions that director Andrew Turnbull is posing to prospective young musicians in the region. And as an extra incentive to step forward, a free Trombone is being offered for lessons and for practising on.

it is hoped that after a trial period, beginners will be ready to take part in weekly band rehearsals at Annan Academy.

Andrew explained:

‘This marks the beginning of a drive to incentivise young people in the region to join our ranks. Any band director would tell you that in order for a community ensemble such as this to have a long term future, then you need a continuous supply of young talent who will stick at it and possibly develop into rounded players. And then who knows where that might lead them. Of course, not everyone is looking to become a serious musician, so for others it is simply a chance to learn a new skill, have fun and meet others. There will also be from time to time, opportunities to take part in performances around the region and beyond.’

We hope to address the costs involved so that any young person, regardless of their background, can have a crack at this. And it’s not just for would-be Trombonists, there is a need for players of different kinds of instruments: from saxophone to bass guitar and drums. Of course, we will have to assess prospective candidates before taking them on but if you think you might be interested, then contact us for details.’

Andrew would like to thank ‘Band Supplies’ in Glasgow for providing the Trombone pictured. Made of high quality plastic, these new designs are causing quite a stir in the world of Trombone as a viable alternative to Trombones made of Brass. They are so much lighter and kinder to the hands and lips in the winter or when playing outdoors.