price list

Band coaching sessions (3 hours each session):


* A complete band (inclusive of discount): £60.00 for the entire band per 'one-off' visit.

For a complete band that is signed up to a term (ten sessions: dates to be agreed), the cost is £500 (for the entire term) working out at £50 per session. This must be paid in advance of the start of 'term'.Note: only bands signing up for a term (whether complete or incomplete upon application) will be entitled to free recording sessions and referrals to local promoters etc. Dates for recording sessions would have to be agreed and are most likely to happen near the end of any given term.

* For any incomplete band that bandskool has to find members for, there is only the option of signing up for a  term (10 session dates to be agreed) The cost is: £15 per individual band member per session; and £150 each per term. Note that this includes free recording session dates to be agreed upon.

Note: band coaching sessions and recording sessions are most likely to take place on weekend daytimes.

Supporting classes:

* instrumental lessons (guitars, bass, drums, vocals, keys etc): It is possible for individuals to sign up for lessons without having to sign up for band coaching sessions. The cost is £25 per hourly lesson and must be paid for in advance of ten lessons (dates to be agreed). However, a discount of 20% will be offered to those that also sign up for a term's supply of band coaching sessions. In other words: ten discounted instrument lessons alongside ten band coaching sessions. In this case, the cost will be £20 per hourly instrument lesson and therefore £200 for every ten lessons. Note: it might be possible to pay for this in installments. Contact bandskool to discuss possible arrangements.

* other classes/lessons: Other classes and lessons will run periodically provided there is enough support for them (such as music theory and song writing). These are term based (again ten dates) and will be run as group based classes from time to time. These are open to anyone at £75 each (per term) though a 20% discount is offered to those that are already signed up to either band coaching or instrument lessons bringing the cost to £50 per term. Watch this space for term dates but please make your enquiry now!!!

* EARLY BAND AND JAM CLASS: this is a Saturday morning class lasting around 2 hours and is aimed at those with no experience of either playing with other musicians or improvising; it is purely an introduction to band work and jamming and which leads to the proper band coaching sessions at a later date. The cost is £5 per player each time they attend. There are no terms! Turn pay! Contact bandsool for more details.

* PRODUKTION sessions:  This is for 'established' bands aged 16 upwards that are already on their way to writing original material; though they may need some help with song development or arrangements etc prior to recording dates (this can be achieved through correspondance and perhaps a pre-production band session) A minimum of three songs will be recorded, mixed and mastered at a cost of £100. There will be an additional cost of £35 per additional song.

* Khoirskool: this is a new venture which will begin soon (April 2014). If you are passionate about singing and are aged between 12 and 19 then this may be for you. Watch this space for a soon-to-be-arranged meeting.