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Hello to you all,

you are receiving this newsletter as a previous or existing student of bandskool. Please read it to catch up with the latest developments at bandskool. Thanks for all your support so far.



New Developments:

Here are some of the improvements that bandskool is making to the service:

* Discounts on band sessions:

For any given term, if you apply to join bandskool's band sessions and have a complete line up then you will be entitled to a discount. This means that bandskool does not have to provide band members or staff to fill your vacancies. Those opting for dedicated mentors will be entitled to a 20% discount whilst those opting for floating mentors will be entitled to a 10% discount. It means that after one term, an individual applicant could return to bandskool with the same band but at a cheaper rate. This incentive should encourage individual students or bands to find band members themselves and to stay together for more than one term.

One final offering: for bands that have been with bandskool for at least several terms there is the option of going it alone and simply using our facilities to rehearse at bandskool each week. This option will be offered to bands at bandskool's discretion and is subject to their assurance that they can work responsibly and productively.
This option will be offered at a vastly reduced rate - please contact bandskool for more details or be at registration!

* Further discounts:

Joining our band sessions will entitle the individual student to discounts on all other classes and sessions offered in any given term. It will also entitle them to a discount on any one off events (such as master classes) that bandskool aims to promote in the near future. There is also an overall 10% discount if the student opts for band sessions plus at least two other classes.

* Diverse Instrumental Teaching service:

bandskool's aim is to broaden the range of instrumental teaching on offer. We have a range of instrumental teachers now looking to work with bandskool to teach individual and shared lessons on a whole range of instruments both traditional and rock n roll. Please see the staff section on the bandskool website for some of their details

Please be aware that there is a discount offered to those that are also in our bands or ensembles. See the website for details

An expanded instrumental tuition service should ensure we have a constant supply of musicians that can feed into bands as well as creating new possibilities for ensembles and music making in groups.

* Age is Not a Problem!

The doors are open to all ages - at least for some of the classes and sessions. Children under the age of 12 will be invited to take up our instrumental tuition as well as our Music Theory classes - both Classical and Popular Music! There may be some scope for them to get involved with ensembles in the future though they will not be taking part in our end of term gigs! However, with bandskool looking at creating a range of musical ensembles - some of which would not be suitable for our end of term gigs - our intention is to look at wider opportunities for them to perform. Over 21 year olds will be invited to get involved with our band and ensemble sessions as well as all the other classes on offer. As always bandskool will aim to group musicians into bands and ensembles according to the information received upon application - age, musical aspirations, preferred styles, experience and instrument are all factors that help in this process.

* Not Just Rock n Roll!

Whilst bandskool feels that the world of Rock n Roll is an essential part of its fabric, we are not content to restrict ourselves to just that! There is a world of music out there and bandskool would like to tap into it! We would really like to see a very wide range of music represented at bandskool including new types of ensembles. A progressive approach to music making is to be encouraged and should help to make bandskool stand apart! Note: 'progessive' in this context means innovation and does not suggest you all wear capes and sing about dungeons and dragons!

* Evening classes:

As well as our usual Saturday classes and sessions, bandskool is looking to offer something on weekday evenings -if there is demand. This means you don't have to cram all classes into Saturdays. Let us know what you think of this idea.

* 1 Off Events:

This has been in the pipeline for a while now and hopefully our sixth year will see it kick off! The idea is to organise one off events that are seperate from our regular sessions and classes. These events are likely to take place in the evenings and will combine entertainment with relevant education. This will include master classes, seminars, tutorials, workshops, product demonstrations and clinics. Call them what you will - these events will be open to the general public though of course, bandskool students will be entitled to a discount. Already there are two possible events in the offing: one will interest bassists and the other involves a well known band at the heart of the British Folk Rock movement for the last 40 years! let us know what sort of 1 off events we should put on - there has to be a demand for these things so any ideas you would like to give us would be welcomed.

* bandskool promo cd:

Budget pending, bandskool would like to put together a promotional cd sometime between March and July 2009. Bands taking part in our next two terms will be invited to write original material for possible use in its compilation. Ideally, all of our bands would be able to contribute at least one track each to this project. The CD would have to display very high standards in terms of quality, innovation, presentation and musicianship. Our mentors will be there to help you achieve the necessary criteria. Various studios may be used in this endeavour including the School of Sound Recording in the city centre. In case you don't know, they boast some of the best facilities in the North West of England.

It is hoped that the compilation cd would also include a booklet with details of all our bands. This would be a good opportunity for all bands to promote themselves given that the cd will be distributed to radio stations, TV stations and the media at large.

* Other classes and sessions:

Whether on Saturdays or a weekday evening, bandskool is looking to broaden its range of music-related classes and sessions. If there is demand for it then we can do it! So, if a particular class or type of session would interest you then depending on the level of interest from others we can consider running it. Let us know what you would like bandskool to run. In the meantime, we would like to start the following new classes:

* Weekly vocalist's workshop: for one hour each week, vocalists get together to work on group singing and deal with issues that affect all vocalists. bandskool will be able to provide musicians for any future public performances. Please attend our registration day for more details.

* Classical Music Theory classes: a one hour class each week which will follow the Associated Board's syllabus and is designed to help those engaged in Classical composition and/or in receipt of classical instrumental lessons. Please attend our registration day for more details.

* Songwriting and compositions classes: classes tailored to meet the requirements of invidividuals and groups. Please attend our registration day for more details.

* Improvisation classes: a one hour per week class with the aim of developing individual musician's abilities to improvise in group situations - covering a range of musical styles including Blues, Jazz, Metal, Rock and more... Please attend our registration day for more details.

* Help with GCSE, AS, A Level Music: for all those studying these courses at secondary school, we can offer you support in all designated areas of the syllabus including performance, composition and help you to meet any recording requirements.
Please attend our registration day for more details.


Band sessions: next term

It is hoped that our next end of term gig (December 08) will be back in the city centre. It would be fantastic to repeat some of the great gigs we have had in venues such as the Academy; provided there are enough bands to take part of course! More bands creates a bigger budget with which we can go to town on giving our gigs higher production values with loads of backline, lights and whatever else. It is our goal to give you the best live performance experience ever but we need your support! Bands also need to do their level best to sell tickets as experience has shown us that this forms a crucial part of the audience make up. Bandskool is thinking about offering an incentive to bands to sell more tickets by offering a commission on ticket sales. Let's get back to the big gigs in the city centre!


Dedicated Mentors to Provide Reports:

From next term onwards, dedicated mentors assigned to bands will be expected to attend our end of term gigs in order to provide a good level of feedback on how their bands have gone on during the term and their final performance. Each band with a dedicated mentor can expect a report, a cd with their tracks and a basic dvd of their performance.


That's all for now. Please contact bandskool for more information about  our new developments.

see you soon

Andrew Turnbull